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Developing Your Campus Information Security Website
August 18, 2009

In an effort to help institutions create effective information security websites that are informative and helpful to their users, the Higher Education Information Security Council has compiled …

NCSAM Resource Kit
August 18, 2009

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual effort to increase awareness and prevention of online security problems, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Natio…

Computer Security Awareness Videos - 2009 Contest Winners
August 14, 2009

The EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council, the National Cyber Security Alliance, ResearchChannel, and CyberWATCH have announced the winners of the 2009 Computer Securit…

Wessam Maher Anwar Abdou

IT Security Engineer

The American University in Cairo

Cairo, MA


Wessam Maher Anwar Abdou
Results of the National Campus Safety and Security Project Survey
July 17, 2009

Emergency preparedness is a priority for all colleges and universities, with a large majority reporting that they have instituted campus-wide emergency preparedness plans covering a wide spectrum…

EDUCAUSE Now - #20 - 1) National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2) Mark Askren on Green IT Strategies and Benefits 3) George Strawn: Streamlining the Grant Proposal Process
October 8, 2009

Join hosts Gerry Bayne and Colleen Luckett for the October edition of EDUCAUSE Now! This month we celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month as we talk with the National Cyber Security Alli…

6th Annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month Kicked-Off by Secretary of DHS
October 2, 2009

National Cyber Security Awareness Month was kicked-off on October 1st at an event held in Washington, D.C., attended by Secretary Napolitano from the Department of Homeland Security and other dig…

Top 10 Threats to Computer Systems Include Professors and Students
December 17, 2008

College network security staff are findign the weakest part of a campus network is the users, including professors and students, who carelessly give out their passwords or leave important informa…

Sample Identity Theft Prevention Program
November 18, 2008

This is a sample template for a university Identity Theft Prevention Program. This is a sample template for a university Identity Theft Preventio…

2008 National Cybersafety, Cybersecurity, Cyberethics Baseline Study
November 18, 2008

Study of the state of Cybersecurity, Cybersafety, and Cyberethics education in K-12 classrooms, including teacher preparedness to teach topics. S…