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Integrating Amazon Kindle at Seton Hall - Notes
March 13, 2009

Integrating Amazon Kindle at Seton Hall - Notes Track Session at 2009 EDUCAUSE/NERCOMP Regional Conference. March 10th, Providence, RI Speakers: Melissa McDowell and Riad Twal Slide…

Integrating Amazon Kindle: A Seton Hall University Pilot Program
March 10, 2009 | A session at the NERCOMP Annual Conference 2009

Print media can be delivered through a variety of formats including books, magazines, blogs, computer-based electronic books, and now portable e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle. At Seton Hal…

Integrating Tablets and Mobile Technology: Breaking Down the Large Class Through Active Learning, Practice, and Faculty Engagement
January 30, 2006 | A session at the ELI Annual Meeting 2006

This presentation will review the outcomes of a college-wide, multicourse Tablet PC Mobile Technology Initiative that can be scaled and implemented at other institutions. Participants will leave wi…

Integrating Technology Resources to Support the Academic Program
January 1, 2001

This presentation discusses in depth how Drexel University used Remedy help desk software, Symposium call center software, facilities management application, Automated Call Distribution queues, wir…

Integrating Wireless Technology into a Publicly Funded University IT Curriculum
April 27, 2005 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Western Regional Conference 2005

Public universities must stay abreast of information technology, typically on very limited budgets. Additionally, students expect faculty to apply bleeding-edge technology in the classroom and inte…

iPhone Turned into Pocket-Sized Hacking Platform
October 2, 2007

"Be warned: One researcher says the iPhone could become the "perfect spying device," thanks to multiple security flaws." &quo…

John Madey

Associate Director, Telecommunications

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida


John Madey
Joint Integrated Communications Strategies and Wireless Networking
February 4, 2007 | A session at the Net@EDU Annual Member Meeting 2007

February 4, 2007 NMM07_160216 …

Laptop Use in University Common Spaces
January 1, 2006

Research in Brief Laptop Use in University Common Spaces A survey of laptop use in common spaces at the University of Texas at Austin revealed students creating anywhere, any time learning …

Large-Scale Deployment of a Secure Wireless Network
January 1, 2003

Ubiquitous 802.11 wireless access to 30,000 students and 7,000 staff members across a campus consisting of more than 120 buildings and 14 libraries? McGill accomplished this by teaming up with Colu…