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Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources
January 1, 2005

Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources (2005) summarizes findings of an international study on information-seeking habits and preferences. The Perceptions report provides the findings …

Visual Literacy in Higher Education
January 1, 2005

EDUCAUSE Vice President Diana Oblinger will moderate Ron Bleed's Web Seminar, "Visual Literacy in Higher Education," which is also the title of his recent ELI Explorations paper (p…

Digital Recollections
October 12, 2005

This case study, written by three Net-generation college students, describes how exposure to digital literacy early in life has influenced the college experiences and lives of tomorrow's dig…

A Global Imperative: The Report of the 21st Century Literacy Summit
January 1, 2005

The report details the outcomes of an international "summit" of thought leaders in visual and digital literacy convened by the NMC, and cosponsored by Adobe Systems, the George Lucas E…

Visual Literacy in Higher Education
January 1, 2005

Today's environment is highly visual—television, Web sites, video, and images dominate our lives—and visuals created with new technologies are changing what it means to be literate. The …

Learning in the Digital Age
January 1, 2001

John Seely Brown reflects upon the nature of information and knowledge and the social context of learning. He suggests that perhaps the key distinction between information and knowledge is that inf…

Revolutionizing Learning in the Digital Age
January 1, 2001

Mitchel Resnick describes how higher education can enhance its primary role in the spread of knowledge by using technology to reframe teaching and learning at all levels. Inspired by the physical o…

Expanding the Concept of Literacy
January 1, 2002

Elizabeth Daley urges the definition of literacy be expanded to acknowledge the prevalence of the multimedia language of the screen or our everyday lives. Technology is enabling these alternative m…

Information Literacy Standards for Science and Technology (DRAFT)
January 1, 2005

Based on the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, five standards and twenty-six performance indicators were developed. Each performance indicator is accompanied by o…

Amy Rockwell

First-Year Experience Librarian

SUNY Buffalo State

Buffalo, New York


Amy Rockwell