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Legal Threats, Chilling Effects, and Warming the Air
January 23, 2008

The recording industry’s complaints against alleged music downloaders are just the tip of the iceberg in legal threats against online activity. In the five years of the Chilling Effects Clearin…

The RIAA speaks--and it gets worse
January 15, 2008

The RIAA has quickly become one of the most disliked organizations in the world. Working ostensibly with the interests of the artists in mind, the organization has single-handedly instituted …

An interview with the misguided RIAA
January 15, 2008

This is an unabridged transcript of Don Reisingers interview with the RIAA. This is an unabridged transcript of Don Reisingers interview with th…

Oregon Challenges RIAA's Tactics in Music Piracy Claim
December 14, 2007

The Oregon state attorney general is resisting the music labels' demand for consumer identities, including 17 students at the University of Oregon. …

Letter to the Editor: Respect for copyright comes from education
December 10, 2007

EDUCAUSE Vice President, Mark Luker, responds to Dan Glickman of the MPAA and his piece “Compiling a Sensible Syllabus for Piracy U,”. EDUCAU…

Swiftboating Higher Education on P2P: Why Higher Education Is Not the Real Problem, and Technology Is Not the Real Solution
December 7, 2007

A steady stream of press releases from the MPAA and the RIAA about unauthorized peer-to-peer downloading suggests that college students are digital pirates and campus network officials are engage…

Colleges serious about dealing with copyright, P2P issues
December 5, 2007

"If you were responsible for a college's network and were faced with infringement notices from the recording and motion picture industries, how would you handle them? That's the qu…

Swiftboating Higher Education on P2P
November 15, 2007

"The latest salvo in the entertainment industry’s campaign against illegal downloading of movies and music — aided and abetted by Congress — is wrong, and students shoul…

Ma Bell, The Web's New Gatekeeper
November 12, 2007

"About a month ago, Google caused barely a ripple when it unveiled technology to filter out copyright violations on its YouTube video Web site. After all, YouTube had been under constant fir…

Senators want Justice Department to sue P2P pirates
November 7, 2007

"American peer-to-peer users worried about being sued into oblivion by the recording industry may soon have a much bigger concern: facing off against the U.S. Department of Justice." …