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Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
June 30, 2008

This document is a code of best practices that helps creators, online providers, copyright holders, and others interested in the making of online video interpret the copyright doctrine of fair us…

In Lawsuit, University Asserts That Downloading Copyrighted Texts Is Fair Use
June 27, 2008

"In a closely watched copyright-infringement lawsuit, Georgia State University fired back this week at its accusers, three academic publishers that say the institution invites students to il…

Advice to ISP's: Sign up for RIAA 101 at a college near you
December 29, 2008

Update (Jan. 4, 2009): According to a report today in the Wall Street Journal, the RIAA is replacing MediaSentry (see references below) by a Danish company, DtecNet Software. Good news? Bad…

Full Report of the Section 108 Study Group
April 2, 2008

The Section 108 Study Group is a select committee of copyright experts charged with updating for the digital world the Copyright Act's balance between the rights of creators and copyright ow…

Patent Office Rejects Blackboard's E-Learning Patent in Preliminary Ruling
March 31, 2008

"The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a preliminary decision that rejects all 44 claims Blackboard Inc. made regarding the controversial patent it was granted for an online-learni…

Jury Sides With Blackboard in Patent Case
February 25, 2008

A federal jury in Texas recently awarded the learning services giant Blackboard $3.1 million in its patent infringement lawsuit against a much smaller competitor, adding a new layer of complexity…

University of Wisconsin Student Orientation Video - Understanding File Sharing
January 24, 2008

This is a University of Wisconsin student orientation video on the importance of understanding file sharing. This is a University of Wisconsin …

Suppression Technologies: Summary Observations from a Common Solutions Group Workshop
January 9, 2008

In an effort to better understand the technologies available for copyright infringement control, the Common Solutions Group invited leading vendors of detection and suppression technologies to pr…

Legal Threats, Chilling Effects, and Warming the Air
January 23, 2008

The recording industry’s complaints against alleged music downloaders are just the tip of the iceberg in legal threats against online activity. In the five years of the Chilling Effects Clearin…

The RIAA speaks--and it gets worse
January 15, 2008

The RIAA has quickly become one of the most disliked organizations in the world. Working ostensibly with the interests of the artists in mind, the organization has single-handedly instituted …