PistolStar, Inc. Engineers to Release PortalGuard Lanyard Login in Version

PortalGuard Lanyard Login gives young students (K-5) access to all their educational apps with one scan

Bedford, NH March 22, 2018 – PistolStar, Inc. flagship product PortalGuard has been updated to version and will become available May 2018. The latest version adds a simplified login solution for young students in grades K-5 by eliminating all typing of usernames and passwords. Students simply scan their unique QR code to begin learning with their favorite apps. PortalGuard is committed to streamlining the login process for students and educators worldwide. The new QR code feature reduces access issues by replacing the traditional username and password login. This creates more time for productivity and student success in the classroom. PortalGuard Lanyard Login can be easily managed by teachers, administrators, or school IT and integrate fully with Chromebook logins and G Suite.

Gregg Browinski, Chief Technology Officer at PistolStar, explained the benefits of this new addition to PortalGuard. "This new feature in PortalGuard makes it possible for a single login form to support both simplified logins via QR codes for young or impaired students and self-service password reset for older students that login with a username and password. Districts or schools under a single domain no longer need to compromise – both types of access and the associated self-service options now seamlessly co-exist."

This QR code feature adds yet even greater value to the consistently acclaimed PortalGuard, which provides Single Sign-on (SSO), Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), customizable branding and over 120 other features to ensure that each campus is equipped with the tools needed to face any authentication challenge.

For more information regarding other features and updates in PortalGuard v., or to upgrade your current version, contact PistolStar, Inc today.

About PistolStar, Inc.
PistolStar, Inc. is a leading authority on secure portal architecture. Its solutions are built to adapt to changing circumstances offered by our tailored authentication services. Its flagship product, PortalGuard, is a secure, central integration portal software that is suited to fit both on-premises and cloud-based environments. From secure single sign-on and self-service password reset to seamless integration and brandability, PortalGuard has brought phenomenal growth to PistolStar, Inc. This growth is also attributed to the team’s dedicated and responsive customer support. For over 18 years, PistolStar has provided its solutions to both companies and educational institutions.

PortalGuard Contact Information:

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