Membership Demographics

The EDUCAUSE community is comprised of U.S. and international institutions of higher education—all sizes and types. Corporations serving the higher education information technology market and other related associations and organizations are also important members and share our mission of advancing higher education through the use of information technology.

The following information highlights select EDUCAUSE member demographics as of the end of 2016.

Total EDUCAUSE Membership by Type

Member Type Count % of Total EDUCAUSE Members
US Institutions 1658 70%
International/Canadian Institutions 264 11%
Corporate 348 15%
Not-for-Profit, Associations 76 3%
K-12 19 1%
Total 2365 100%

EDUCAUSE US Higher Education Membership by US Carnegie Class

Carnegie Class % of EDUCAUSE total
Associate's 25%
Bachelor's 21%
Masters 28%
Doctoral/Research 15%
Specialized* 9%
Medical 2%

EDUCAUSE US Higher Education Membership as % of Total US Higher Education Market

Carnegie Class % that are EDUCAUSE member institutions
Associate's 24%
Bachelor's 44%
Doctoral/Research 82%
Specialized* 20%
Masters 66%
Medical 71%

*Including art, business, engineering, faith, health, law, other, and tribal.

In 2017 and beyond our membership base will be evolving and adding memberships for emerging edtech companies, as well as an option for consultants and individuals. As we continue to expand our community, we look forward to the opportunities this will bring to collaborate and strategically apply IT across the higher education landscape.