Membership Types

Higher Education Institutions

Over 1,900 institutional members contribute to thought leadership on major issues, help clarify the current environment, document effective practices, and discuss how emerging trends and technologies may influence the evolution of the profession. Learn more about institutional membership

Associations, State and Federal Agencies, System Offices, and Other Nonprofit Organizations

Associations, state and federal agencies, system offices, and other nonprofit organizations join EDUCAUSE to keep up with what’s happening in the higher education IT realm. Learn more about membership for associations and other organizations

International Organizations

EDUCAUSE has over 260 international members from over 40 different countries bringing valuable perspectives on IT solutions and strategies on their campuses and in their countries. Learn more about international membership


Over 350 corporations are a member of EDUCAUSE, connecting with over 86,000 higher education IT professionals. Member corporations enjoy priority exhibiting opportunities, access to EDUCAUSE resources, and much more. Learn more about corporate membership