Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, February 1, 2006, San Diego, California

Attending: Board members John Bucher, Jerry Campbell, Brian Hawkins, John Hitt, Rebecca King, Lucinda Lea, Marilyn McMillan, Jeffrey Noyes, Margaret Plympton, Robyn Render, David Smallen, George Strawn, and Ellen Waite-Franzen.

Also present: Staff members Carole Barone, Denny Farnsworth, Cynthia Golden, Richard Katz, Mark Luker, and Diana Oblinger.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Robyn Render at 1:10 p.m.

Motion: That the minutes of the October 17, 2005 Board meeting be approved.
Motion made by: Lucinda Lea
Seconded by: Jeff Noyes
Passed by unanimous vote


President's Report

  • The Core Data Survey was launched in early January and responses are very strong
  • The Westin, host hotel for the ELI meeting, is a Starwood Hotel and is having labor difficulties. The union has been harassing our members and union members have protested outside the hotel. Legal action is possible if union activities persist.
  • In exploring options to increase communication internationally, the first continental meeting of CIOs in South America will be held in Brasilia, and Brian Hawkins will keynote that event, and work with these leaders to help them better serve their communities.

Highlights of Senior Fellow Carole Barone's Report

  • The IMS Global Learning Consortium has just hired Rob Abel as their new CIO. He is well qualified to carry on the standards work of IMS.

Highlights of Vice President Cynthia Golden's Report

  • Regional conference data indicates that we are continuing to reach an audience that does not typically attend our annual conference. Detailed data on average ratings, types and ages of attendees, etc. is available in this meeting's board book.
  • A final report is not yet in from the 20/20 group. The emphasis remains on globalization, the future of the profession in the next generation, and community.
  • The KnowIT conference has been launched by some of the former CUMREC Board members. The 'endorsement' of this conference by CUMREC and CUMREC's association with EDUCAUSE is causing some confusion in the community. Both conferences are scheduled for the same time and EDUCAUSE is working carefully to be very clear with our marketing materials about the focus of the Enterprise conference.

Highlights of Vice President Richard Katz's Report

  • EDUCAUSE and CAUSE have had an agreement with Gartner for fifteen years. The agreement has provided for the lowest possible price for our members. The agreement expired last October and Gartner will honor the terms and conditions of the current contract until renewal negotiations are complete. The new agreement may present a very different approach to pricing.
  • ECAR is almost through the current renewal process. Renewals look like they will come in at 98.5%.
  • A study was recently released on Business Analytics.
  • A study written by Ron Yanosky on IT Service Management is about to be released.
  • Richard Katz met with Walt Scaachi and a study is planned on Open Source.
  • CHEMA is onboard with a program that is related to the EDUCAUSE grand challenges concept. Financial resources have been pledged by CHEMA members and ECAR will survey the leadership of CHEMA organizations for their views of the future. The survey has been released and will be emailed to Board members.
  • ECAR will be doing a study on emergency preparedness and business continuity.

Highlights of Vice President Mark Luker's Report

  • We have a four-pronged attack with regard to CALEA.
    • First-more than 30 campuses have filed comments with the FCC in response to our own comments and call to action.
    • Second-a petition for review has been filed in district court.
    • Third-we have organized a group of experts to investigate the technical aspects of compliance.
    • Fourth-our public relations and awareness program is very strong. Our Website is a good resource and a supporting Chronicle article is coming out soon.
  • Telecom reform is presently focused on two very active issues. The first deals with the right of towns and cities to build their own networks. The second ,network neutrality, focuses on the right to use the Internet for all content and applications without discrimination by the ISPs.
  • The [email protected] annual meeting starts next Sunday in Tempe.
  • A new working group on information technology support of research has been formed.
  • I2/NLR merger discussions are continuing as positions are being refined and clarified.

Highlights of Vice President Diana Oblinger's Report

  • The annual ELI annual meeting just concluded with over 350 attendees. New things were tried this year, such as moveable furniture, plasma screens, and enhanced podcasting. We also tried polling and bloging during one plenary session. The 2006 Horizon report, which identifies emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative expression, was released at the meeting.
  • ELI is working on listening and responding to its members. A suggestion from the EDUCAUSE conference was a sales kit to help members sell ELI to administrators and promote it to others at their institution. A sales kit has been developed and is available in multiple formats.
  • ELI is developing two white papers on the assessment of technology.
  • ELI is continuing to develop tools; the next one will be on emerging technology.
  • Future events include the March Focus Session on mobility and the May Web Symposium.


Financial Update

  • Anticipated net income for 2005 will be $310,000. That is $800,000 better than budget.
  • Norma Holland joined the staff on January 1, and is working on thought leadership.
  • .edu is down $175,000 because we have not yet been authorized to bill.
  • There was a question on the best way to present the fact that we will be intentionally drawing down our reserves. Staff will report back to the Board.

Investment Update

  • The reports in the book are as of November 30. The market value has increased by $175,000 as of January 31.
  • The Keeley small cap fund has grown 20% in the six months we have had it.

Review of Reserve Fund Levels and Targets

Motion: That the Board affirm that the current combined targets of $9.64 million for reserve levels in the EDUCAUSE Financial Reserves and the EDUCAUSE Leadership Fund are appropriate, and that this motion reflects the annual review of these reserve levels called for in a motion made at the October 25, 1999 Board meeting.
Motion made by: Jerry Campbell
Seconded by: Marilyn McMillan
Passed by unanimous vote

Audit Committee Report

  • Peggy Plympton reported that the committee has its full charge.
  • The committee affirmed that the firm of Mayer Hoffman McCann, P.C., will continue to conduct the audit.
  • The audit committee will meet with the auditors in April in Washington, D.C.


Board Slate and Procedures

  • The Nomination and Election Committee submits a list of six to eight nominees to the Board and the Board selects the four candidates to appear on the final slate.
  • There was a question as to whether the Board conference call provides adequate discussion of the candidates. Brian Hawkins suggested that the Chair of the Nomination and Election Committee participate in the Board's conference call to select the final slate. The Board agreed with that suggestion.
  • May 11 has been proposed as the date of the Board conference call. The time is to be 4:00 p.m. EDT. It was suggested that there be electronic discussion preceding the conference call.

Discussion of Community College Representation

  • Based on concerns raised, EDUCAUSE is trying to figure out how to best serve and represent the interests of community colleges. Discussion revolved around the best ways to approach this problem and this discussion will be ongoing.

Discussion of International and Globalization Issues

  • A draft set of principles were developed with regard to globalization and internationalization within EDUCAUSE. Based on comments from the Board, a revised draft will be brought back to the board.

Discussion of Policy Directions and BPG

  • Brian brought the Board up to date on discussions with the BPG and directions for policy within EDUCAUSE. The BPG has been a working group within the [email protected] organization. It will be become an advisory committee to EDUCAUSE and will be renamed the Network Policy Council. Additional resources have been devoted to make this effort more robust in this period of high policy activity with telecommunications reform. The change will be announced at the [email protected] meetings in Tempe in early February 2006.

New Business

The audit committee needs one more member.

Motion: That Ellen Waite-Franzen, as Treasurer, be appointed to the Audit Committee
Motion made by: Peggy Plympton
Seconded by: John Bucher
Passed unanimously


The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

The next Board meeting will be held Thursday, April 27, 2006 from 12:30–5:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. at our offices at 1150 18th Street.