Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2000, Nashville, Tennessee

Attending:Board members Laurence Alvarez, Ron Bleed, Bill Graves, Joel Hartman, Brian Hawkins, Joanne Hugi, Polley McClure, Steve Relyea, Don Riley, Marty Ringle, Mely Tynan, Richard West

Also Present:Staff Members Carole Barone, Denny Farnsworth, Richard Katz, and Mark Luker, and future member Diane Balestri

The meeting was called to order by Chair Ron Bleed at 1:00 p.m. Steve Relyea and
Diane Balestri were introduced as new Board members as of January 1.

Motion:That the minutes from the August 5, 2000, board meeting be approved.

Motion made by: Alvarez
Seconded by: Hartman

Passed by unanimous vote

Highlights of President Brian Hawkins' Report

  • The conference will almost surely exceed 6,000 attendees, which will exceed projections and make it the largest conference held by Educom, CAUSE, or EDUCAUSE.
  • Membership should exceed 1,800 members by the end of this year.
  • EDUCAUSE will participate with the National Research Council on a task force on the impact of IT on research universities.
  • The National Science Foundation has created a working group on areas in need of key investment in teaching and learning in higher education and EDUCAUSE has been asked to participate.
  • The Department of the Army has submitted an RFP on distributed education and EDUCAUSE has been asked to sit on a higher education advisory board by PriceWaterhouse. EDUCAUSE agreed, but with the proviso that this was non-exclusive, if other corporate members made similar requests.
  • The Frye Institute was very successful and Rick Detweiler and Deanna Marcum will return as the two Deans for next year's Institute.
  • Sites for upcoming annual conferences:
  1. 2001 Indianapolis
  2. 2002 Atlanta
  3. 2003 Anaheim
  4. 2004 Denver
  5. 2005 Orlando

Highlights of Vice President Carole Barone's Report

  • Reported on NLII Focus Session at the University of Central Florida. The session was very well received.
  • NLII Fellowship applications being screened and the new fellows will be announced in a few weeks.
  • Issue papers in collaboration with ACE being authored by Barone and Diana Oblinger.

Highlights of Vice President Richard Katz's Report

  • Richard recognized efforts of staff on conference delivery. The 2001 conference under Norma Holland has come up with the theme "2001 an EDU Odyssey." Sally Ride and John Seely Brown have been signed up as keynote speakers.
  • The recent SAC conference was recognized as a success by all measures.
  • Information Alchemy, third in the Executive series, has been released, and the series is being well received.
  • A chapter for the CUBA Manual prepared by EDUCAUSE has been published separately and will be distributed to EDUCAUSE members.
  • The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research is off to a good but cautious start. An advisory board will be created and various promotional and informational material for the center will be developed yet this fall.

Highlights of Vice President Mark Luker's Report

  • [email protected] working groups on pricing for broadband networking, PKI for higher education, Voice over IP (now renamed Integrated Communications Strategies), Regional Aggregation Points (now renamed the QUILT), and Broadband Wireless Networking have been active and successful. The PKI group has been instrumental in forging a close working relationship with the federal government.
  • The EDUCAUSE/NSF program in Advanced Networking with Minority-Serving Institutions is off to a very good start with some 30 participating institutions from each of the three MSI communities.
  • EDUCAUSE hosted an NSF workshop at the request of the President's IT Advisory Committee (PITAC) on Avoiding the Digital Divide for Smaller Institutions and submitted recommendations to the PITAC.
  • The EDUCAUSE Policy Program has made significant advances in becoming a "trusted source of information on IT in higher education" through an increasing number of memberships and speaking engagements with other associations and meetings.
  • EDUCAUSE staff and members submitted official comments and letters on a variety of issues to Congress, the Copyright Office, the FTC, NSF, and other venues.
  • EDUCAUSE staff members were instrumental in organizing and supporting the annual meeting of the Higher Education Alliance for Information Technology.

Presentation of the 2001 Policy Program

The current and updated grid of policy issues was presented, but it was decided that the Board will focus on these issues at the spring Board meeting, in concert with the Net'0x meetings, when policy is dealt with in detail.

Financial Update

Denny Farnsworth presented the financial statements dated August 31, 2000 and noted that approximately $3 million will be moved from deferred revenue to realized revenue since we are delivering the annual conference this month.

Investment Update

Farnsworth presented the investment statements and commented that the fixed income investments are performing as expected, but the equity investments are just holding their own. A modified investment plan will be presented during the business section of the agenda.

Business Agenda

1.Approval of the EDUCAUSE 2001 Policy Program

This item was deferred until the spring Board meeting

2.Approval of the EDUCAUSE 2001 Budget

Motion:That the revised budget, showing a surplus of $6,119 for 2001, be approved.

The budget presented presupposes the anticipated funding and costs associated with the EDUAUSE Center for Applied Research. There was some discussion as to whether the proposed dues increase is merited in view of the expected large year-end surplus for 2000.

Motion made by: Ringle
Seconded by: Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote

3.Approval of the 2001 Program Plan

Motion:That the 2001 Program Plan be approved as presented.

Motion made by: Graves
Second: Ringle

Passed by unanimous vote

4.Amendment of Bylaws - Article V, Section 3

A proposal to amend the bylaws was submitted. The intent of the proposal is to move the association to electronic balloting in its Board of Directors election.

Motion: That Article V, Section 3, of the EDUCAUSE Bylaws be amended as follows:


Section 3. Election of Member Directors. Member Directors shall be elected by the Regular Members. In the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, the election of Member Directors shall be held either (i) by electronic communication during the sixty (60) day period preceding the annual meeting of the members; or (ii) at the annual meeting of the members. In the rare situation in which a member cannot vote electronically, a mail ballot will be accepted. Member Directors shall be elected for a term of four years. An individual shall be eligible to serve an additional full, four-year term on the Board after a break in service of at least one (1) year.

Motion made by: Riley
Second: Ringle

Approved by unanimous vote

5.Discussion of potential appointed Board members

A number of candidates were identified for consideration, and general discussion on these candidates ensued. Hawkins was authorized to ask Susan Perry of Mt. Holyoke College to serve.

6.Election of Board officers for 2001

Four elections were held in the following order: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Elected to the position of Chair: Ron Bleed
Elected to the position of Vice Chair: Marty Ringle
Elected to the position of Secretary: Mely Tynan
Elected to the position of Treasurer: Joel Hartman

7.Approval of Required Banking Resolutions

Motion: Moved that the following banking resolutions be approved.

Wells Fargo Bank of Boulder, CO, Checking; Wells Fargo Investment Services, Money Market, Federal Securities, Repurchase Agreements, and Certificate Accounts--Signature Resolution

"RESOLVED, That Ron Bleed, Chair; or Joel Hartman, Treasurer; or Brian L. Hawkins, President; or Richard N. Katz, Vice President; or Mark A. Luker, Vice President; or Denton K. Farnsworth, Director of Financial and Administrative Services; or Susan A. O'Rourke, Administrative Assistant; of this organization, be and are hereby authorized to withdraw funds of this organization from said Wells Fargo Bank of Boulder checking, money market, federal securities, repurchase agreements, and certificate accounts by transfer to other EDUCAUSE bank accounts and upon checks of this organization, signed as provided herein with signatures duly certified to said bank by the Secretary of this organization, and said bank is hereby authorized to honor and pay any and all checks so signed, including those drawn to the individual order of any officer or any other person authorized to sign the same. Any check exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) requires two authorized signatures."

Wells Fargo Bank of Boulder, CO, Safe Deposit Box--Access Resolution

"RESOLVED, That a safe deposit box at Wells Fargo Bank of Boulder be leased in the name of EDUCAUSE from said institution under the terms of the printed lease forms prescribed by said institution, that such lease agreement in behalf of EDUCAUSE shall be executed in its behalf by any of the following officers of this company: Ron Bleed, Chair; or Joel Hartman, Treasurer; or Brian L. Hawkins, President; or Richard N. Katz, Vice President; or Denton K. Farnsworth, Director of Financial and Administrative Services. RESOLVED FURTHER, That any of the above persons will have the right of access to such box and will have the right to remove from and /or add to contents thereof and have full absolute control of the same, and that this company hereby waives any liability of said institution arising out of the exercise by any said named persons of the powers herein granted. RESOLVED FURTHER, That neither cash nor other negotiable assets will be stored in the Safe Deposit Box."

Motion made by: Graves
Seconded: Alvarez

Approved by unanimous vote

8.Investment Proposal

Pursuant to Board discussions in August, the following proposals for investments are provided:

FISN recommends exchanging $500,000 of the Washington Mutual Investors for the Growth Fund of America. This exchange can be done at NAV, with no transaction costs since it is also a member of the American Funds Group.

FISN recommends an initial purchase of $500,000 in the Bear Stearns S&P Stars fund. The $500,000 is to be taken from the money market fund held by FISN. At this level we will qualify for a reduced sales charge of 2%.

Motion: That the investment proposal from FISN be implemented.

Motion made by: West
Seconded: Alvarez

Approved by unanimous vote

9.New Business

The next Board Meeting will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 30 & 31, from 1:00 - 5:00 on Tuesday and from 8:00 until 5:00 on Wednesday, in New Orleans, Louisiana. There will be a Board dinner on the night of the 30th, and an optional dinner will be held for those who cannot get out on the evening of the 31st.

There being no further new business, the Board adjourned at 4:00 p.m. They then reconvened in Executive Session.

Respectfully submitted,
Mely Tynan
EDUCAUSE Board Secretary