Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, October 25, 1999, Long Beach, California

Attending:Laurence Alvarez , Jill Arnold, Pat Battin, Ron Bleed, Bill Graves, Brian Hawkins, Polley McClure, David Pierce, Marty Ringle, Mely Tynan, and Richard West
Also Present:Staff members Carole Barone, Richard Katz, Mark Luker, and Julie Rudy, new board member Joel Hartman, and newly appointed IMS Executive Director, Edward Walker.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Polley McClure at 1:30 pm, October 25, 1999.

Motion:That the minutes from the August 6, 1999, Board meeting be approved.

Motion made by:Laurence Alvarez
Seconded by:Marty Ringle

Passed by unanimous vote

Highlights of President Brian Hawkins's Report

  • Pat Battin, EDUCAUSE Board Member, was recognized for being among the winners of the National Humanities Award, and receiving this prestigious award from President Clinton several weeks ago.
  • Randy Richter, Director of Information and Customer Services, published a feature article in ASAE's Association Management magazine, and EDUCAUSE received the award from the ASAE for outstanding technology applications.
  • The Frye Institute brochure has been distributed. Billy Frye will do the keynote lecture and James Duderstadt, Peter Likins, Pat McPherson, and Stan Ikenberry are among the faculty who will interact with institute participants. Applications will be considered in January by a selection committee consisting of Deanna Marcum, Brian Hawkins, Rick Detweiler, and Patricia Battin. The emphasis will be on finding the people who are committed to transformation, not necessarily people who are already in leadership positions.
  • EDUCAUSE has been invited to provide the information technology segment of the program for the ACE Fellows. EDUCAUSE will lead the session with Brian Hawkins, Carole Barone, Ron Bleed, and Casey Green as presenters in San Diego in January and in Washington, DC, in June 2000.

Highlights of Vice President Carole Barone's Program Report

  • Ed Walker's appointment to executive director has been announced. The organization's new name will be IMS Global Learning Consortium Inc., with a target date of December 1, 1999, for incorporation. The final meeting of the IMS Advisory Board occurred in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month. Two groups of specifications have been approved. The first meeting of the IMS board will be held in New Orleans.
  • Next week NLII will be mailing 1,900 copies of the first monograph produced by the Center for Academic Transformation, the subject of which is transforming large enrollment courses.
  • The NLII fellows announcement has gone out and the program is hoping to engage two people soon.

Highlights of Vice President Richard Katz's Program Report

  • The past period was dominated by planning for EDUCAUSE '99. It is a huge conference - 40% bigger than in the history of either parent organization, with about 5,800 registered (4,000 to 4,300 institutional, 1,500 to 1,800 corporate people with 150 different companies) and a 60 percent larger trade show. New this year is a special high-performance applications area.
  • The Knowledge Pathfinder and Itinerary Builder are special tools that comprised the winning submission for the ASAE technology award and that have made this conference very special.
  • Jossey-Bass informed us that the NDIR volume Richard Katz and Julie Rudy edited is the best-selling title in all of the New Directions Series this year.
  • Mark has edited the first volume in the EDUCAUSE Leadership Strategies series and it is off the press and will be distributed to members in a few weeks.
  • The most current issue of Educom Review is in the conference packets. ER is going to be redesigned, retitled EDUCAUSE Review, and the January-February issue will be a special millennium issue. There will be also be a new editorial look and feel, with new departments effective with the March-April issue.

Highlights of Vice President Mark Luker's Program Report

  • As university CIOs struggle to define a standard for public certificates, so do government agencies. There will be a meeting in mid-November to bring together seven federal agencies to try to find some minimum standards that will satisfy them all with regard to authentication and identification standards. This is an EDUCAUSE-sponsored event, supported by NSF.
  • The MSI project was funded; an official public announcement will be made on Thursday by Rita Colwell in her address at this conference.
  • The .edu domain issue is still pending. Now that the ICANN issues have been resolved, this will hopefully receive some attention and move forward.
  • Net00 is in the planning stages. Network policy is bigger than ever so the program will be interesting. Recommendations for speakers are welcome.

Executive Session - Business Meeting

1.Consideration of the processes for managing EDUCAUSE reserve accounts

Motion: That the amount of $5,000,000 be adopted as the target amount for EDUCAUSE financial reserves.

Motion made by: Jill Arnold
Seconded by:Mely Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote

Motion: That interest income (fixed income), currently estimated to be $150,000 per year, be incorporated into the annual operating budget of EDUCAUSE.

Motion made by: Jill Arnold
Seconded by:Mely Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote

Motion: That an EDUCAUSE Leadership Fund be created on January 1, 2000, with the funds in excess of our reserve target, estimated to be $2,000,000.

Motion made by: Jill Arnold
Seconded by:Mely Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote

Motion: That the income from the Leadership Fund and the Financial Reserve account (less the interest income) be made available in a Strategic Initiatives Fund. When there are unrealized gains, this Fund would be funded each year by selling investments equal to the amount of annual unrealized gains with the expressed purpose of investing in key projects each year whose expenses will approximate the amount of annual unrealized gains. When there is unrealized loss, there would be no funds available for these initiatives until such time as the fund reached authorized levels. The anticipated key projects would be submitted with the proposed annual budget at the fall meetings each year.

Motion made by: Jill Arnold
Seconded by:Mely Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote

Motion: That the EDUCAUSE President be authorized to spend up to 100 percent of the annual Strategic Initiatives Fund investment target, but that any single investment of $50,000 or greater require approval by the Board of Directors.

Motion made by: Jill Arnold
Seconded by:Mely Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote

Motion:The level of the financial reserve, strategic initiative fund, and the Leadership Fund shall be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it scales along with future budgets of EDUCAUSE.

Motion made by: Jill Arnold
Seconded by: Mely Tynan

2.Approval of EDUCAUSE 2000 Budget

The budget presented presupposes that the preceding motions on the opportunity fund and so forth were adopted.

Motion: Moved that the revised budget, showing a surplus of $152,700 for 2000, be approved.

Motion made by: Martin Ringle
Seconded by:Jill Arnold

Passed by unanimous vote

3. Approval of the 2000 Program Plan as reviewed and amended.

Motion: Moved that the 2000 Program Plan, as discussed and amended, be approved.

Motion made by: Mely Tynan
Seconded by: Martin Ringle

Passed by unanimous vote

4.Discussion of potential appointed Board members.

Pat Battin will leave the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors on December 31, 1999, and Joel Meyerson from the Forum for the Future of Higher Education was recommended by the Board to fill this position.

5. Election of Board officers for 2000

The following new officers were elected to assume office in January:
Ron Bleed Chair
Polley McClure Vice Chair
Mely Tynan Secretary
Laurence Alvarez Treasurer

8.Approval of Required Resolutions

Motion: Moved that the following the necessary banking resolutions be approved:

Motion made by: Bill Graves
Seconded by:David Pierce

Passed by unanimous vote

Norwest Bank of Boulder, CO, Checking; Norwest Investment Services, Money Market, Federal Securities, Repurchase Agreements, and Certificate Accounts--Signature Resolution

"RESOLVED, That Ron Bleed, Chair; or Laurence Alvarez, Treasurer; or Brian L. Hawkins, President; or Richard N. Katz, Vice President; or Mark A. Luker, Vice President; or Denton K. Farnsworth, Director of Financial and Administrative Services; or Susan A. O'Rourke, Administrative Assistant; of this organization, be and are hereby authorized to withdraw funds of this organization from said Norwest Bank of Boulder checking, money market, federal securities, repurchase agreements, and certificate accounts by transfer to other EDUCAUSE bank accounts and upon checks of this organization, signed as provided herein with signatures duly certified to said bank by the Secretary of this organization, and said bank is hereby authorized to honor and pay any and all checks so signed, including those drawn to the individual order of any officer or any other person authorized to sign the same. Any check exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) requires two authorized signatures."

Norwest Bank of Boulder, CO, Safe Deposit Box--Access Resolution

"RESOLVED, That a safe deposit box at Norwest Bank of Boulder be leased in the name of EDUCAUSE from said institution under the terms of the printed lease forms prescribed by said institution, that such lease agreement in behalf of EDUCAUSE shall be executed in its behalf by any of the following officers of this company: Ron Bleed, Chair; or Laurence Alvarez, Treasurer; or Brian L. Hawkins, President; or Richard N. Katz, Vice President; or Denton K. Farnsworth, Director of Financial and Administrative Services. RESOLVED FURTHER, That any of the above persons will have the right of access to such box and will have the right to remove from and /or add to contents thereof and have full absolute control of the same, and that this company hereby waives any liability of said institution arising out of the exercise by any said named persons of the powers herein granted. RESOLVED FURTHER, That neither cash nor other negotiable assets will be stored in the Safe Deposit Box."

9.Consideration and approval of the 2000 Policy Program

Motion: Moved that the 2000 Policy Plan, as discussed and amended, be approved.

Motion made by: Laurence Alvarez
Seconded by:Mely Tynan

Passed by unanimous vote


There being no new business, the board approved a motion to adjourn (moved and seconded by Laurence Alvarez and David Pierce) and the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m. by Chair Polley McClure.