Working Groups

EDUCAUSE programs include a number of working groups that provide members with an excellent way of working with colleagues to help provide guidance and expertise to the higher education community on specific areas. Working groups are typically outcome-based, resulting in a publication, webinar, or similar. Groups may be standing or formed on a project-by-project basis.

The EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council

The EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) was established in July 2000 to improve information security, data protection, and privacy programs across the higher education sector through its working groups of volunteers and professional EDUCAUSE staff that coordinate activities and collaborate with partners from government, industry, and other academic organizations. Through the annual Security Professionals Conference and other EDUCAUSE conferences and websites, the Information Security Council actively develops and promotes leadership; awareness and understanding; effective practices and policies; and solutions for the protection of critical data, IT assets, and infrastructures. The following working groups fall under HEISC:

In addition, the  Security Professionals Conference, sponsored by HEISC, brings together information security professionals, IT staff, and others from across the higher education community. The program committee works together from the initial program planning stages through on-site conference support and develops the themes, organization, and content for the conference.

Finally, HEISC hosts the following groups, which include members on an invite-only basis:

  • HEISC Advisory Committee (HEISC-LEAD)
  • HEISC Mentor and PD Team (HEISC-PD)
  • Higher Education Chief Information Security Officers (HE-CISO)
  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month Task Force (NCSAM)

ECAR Working Groups

The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research brings together higher education IT leaders to address core technology challenges in ECAR Working Groups. Participation in current groups is open to all EDUCAUSE members, though space on groups may be limited. Project-based group rosters are set at the beginning of each project; many have associated review groups that help provide feedback and that are open. Standing groups have open rosters. The ECAR Working Groups Advisory Committee recommends strategic direction for ECAR-WGs; membership is invite-only, though we welcome notes of interest.

Working groups focus on issues in cyberinfrastructure, communications, cloud, data and analytics, IT services and management, and mobile. Suggestions for new topics are welcome. To volunteer, please visit the ECAR Working Groups participation page.

Core Data Service

The Core Data Service Advisory Group (CDS-AG) provides insight and support to the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service. Group members are invited to join; for more information, contact Leah Lang, manager of the CDS.


EDUCAUSE has one invite-only working groups focused on privacy:

  • Higher Education Chief Privacy Officers (HE-CPO)

For more information, contact Valerie Vogel, program manager.