ACTI provides a venue for IT professionals from diverse higher education institutions to collaborate on core technology challenges.

Technology continues to evolve rapidly not only in networking, but also in computation and storage and in the four principal college and university application areas—administrative systems, teaching and learning, research and community services. Yet, there has been no venue where IT professionals from diverse institutions, with varying capabilities and resources, can come together to address these converging challenges.

A primary goal of ACTI is to help higher education institutions transfer wisdom with regard to these challenges across institutions. ACTI provides structures through which IT professionals can collaborate with their colleagues in preparing for the imminent future.

ACTI members will be the driving force in choosing what technological challenges and questions the new enterprise will tackle.  The ACTI Priorities Committee determines how ACTI resources will be allocated to the various projects. The Priorities Committee consists of representatives from each ACTI working group, other ACTI member representatives, and EDUCAUSE staff.

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