Restricted to individuals at EDUCAUSE Advanced Core Technologies Initiative (ACTI) member organizations, the ACTI-COMMUNITY listserv provides a convenient forum in which to share information and discuss news and ACTI activities. Each ACTI member organization may have multiple staff members on the list, provided they are active participants. If you have questions about ACTI, please visit the ACTI website or contact us at

Electronic discussion lists are provided by EDUCAUSE to support dialogue among members and other interested participants coming together around focused topics. The ACTI-COMMUNITY list is solely for the ACTI primary representatives and their colleagues at ACTI member organizations. We will employ a self-subscription process, whereby individuals may join or leave the listserv, pending confirmation of their organization's membership in ACTI by EDUCAUSE Member Services or EDUCAUSE staff supporting ACTI. ACTI working group members will be automatically added to this list.

List Etiquette

  • Queries and dialogue should be focused on technical and organizational issues associated with ACTI and be conducted in a courteous, professional tone.
  • We strongly recommend that all postings be signed with the subscriber's name and e-mail address. We do not, however, recommend the use of vCards or other attachments.
  • Personal messages should be sent directly to an individual's e-mail address, not to the list.
  • Postings should not be written in all-capital letters, nor should they be classified as "Important."
REMEMBER: when you use the REPLY function, you are replying to the ENTIRE LIST. Be sure to CHECK the "TO" field one more time BEFORE you SEND!

Members may occasionally use discussion groups for announcements of non-commercial conferences, publications, and other resources of general interest to other subscribers. Ideally, these postings should be of special interest to ACTI members and fall under the organization's mission and scope. The subject line should clearly identify the topic of the message; the message body should be kept short and should contain contact information for more details. If relevant to the broader EDUCAUSE community, we encourage posting such announcements of conferences on the EDUCAUSE Events Calendar.

Endorsements are acceptable if made in the context of a request for information or sharing of an experience. When the endorsement comes from a representative of a corporate member, any mention of company products or services should be in the context of a reasonable answer to a question posed by another subscriber and should not be blatantly commercial; such postings should include the identifying signature of the person posting the message.

Promotional Messages and Advertising
Discussion groups are educational in nature and not intended for promotional announcements, advertising, product-related press releases, or other commercial use. Past reactions by subscribers indicate that such postings are usually self-defeating.

Informal professional opinion or use surveys are acceptable but should be brief and should encourage off-line responses. In keeping with the educational spirit of the group, you are encouraged to share a synopsis of any information you gather.

Unacceptable Use
Obscenity or profanity and inflammatory language are not acceptable, nor is the use of the lists to conduct or forward contests, pyramid schemes, or chain letters. If you as a subscriber are concerned that such a communication has occurred, you are welcome to direct your complaint or protest directly to the offending subscriber, and/or to EDUCAUSE staff for appropriate action. Please do so through private correspondence, rather than aggravating the situation by focusing group discussion on it.

List Monitoring
ACTI discussions are monitored by EDUCAUSE staff for adherence to the guidelines. Subscribers who operate outside of the guidelines will receive a cautionary notice from EDUCAUSE. Individuals who continue to disregard and violate the guidelines may be blocked from subsequent participation.

The opinions expressed in list discussions are those of individual subscribers and are not necessarily those of their institutions or companies. EDUCAUSE as an association neither expresses an opinion about nor endorses products or services, and is not responsible for the opinions expressed on any of the discussion lists it supports.

Learn more about ACTI. If you have questions about ACTI, please contact us at