Working Groups

ACTI working groups focus on particular areas of core technologies in order to identify emerging areas that may need particular attention, specific pain points that a working group may be able to help resolve, and other issues that would benefit from the attention of a group of leaders in the specific area of focus. ACTI's groups share their findings and progress with the wider community. This may take the form of articles for EDUCAUSE's flagship periodicals or outside professional journals and trade publications, in-person and online presentations for EDUCAUSE conferences and other relevant events, and/or reports of other types that spark conversations and ideas on different means for the community to address a particular advanced core technology.

ACTI Working Groups

Campus Cyberinfrastructure (ACTI-CCI)
Helping develop institutional strategies and plans for resource deployment so that users can harness and optimize the power and capabilities of new, integrated IT tools and systems for educational and research applications in higher education.

Communications Infrastructure and Applications (ACTI-CIA)
Investigating the challenges and opportunities for higher education with respect to enterprise communication, collaboration, and mobility,  sharing individual solutions, and developing effective practices for the higher-education community.


Data Management (ACTI-DM)
Focusing on emerging challenges to how institutions manage large online data collections, be they the product of research or the product of administrative processes.


Mobile Strategy and Application Development (ACTI-MSAD)
Promoting strategic mobile cooperation across higher education institutions.


Optimizing Computing Infrastructure (ACTI-OCI)
Looking at specific issues inherent in the consolidation of IT infrastructure on campuses for both research and administrative computing in order to develop methodologies, recommendations, best practices, and other materials.



If you are interested in participating in a working group, if you would like to suggest a new working group, or if you have an idea for a project that a working group might be able to undertake (e.g., develop a case study or survey, write an overview, or provide guidance via a best practice or similar), please contact Karen Wetzel, ACTI Program Manager, at Please note that participation in ACTI working groups is limited to ACTI member organizations.

ACTI/ECAR Integration Plans

The summer 2013 integration of these two programs will enable greater support and visibility for ACTI Working Groups. Learn more.