ACTI Optimizing Computing Infrastructure (ACTI-OCI) Working Group

The Optimizing Computing Infrastructure (OCI) Working Group looked at the consolidation of IT infrastructure on campuses for both research and administrative computing. New technology has created new opportunities for centralized efficiency and economy, while retaining departmental control/autonomy. This group was created during the July 2011 ACTI membership meeting, and completed its work in March 2013. The group is no longer active.

ACTI-OCI White Paper

Optimizing Computing Infrastructure:
Weighing Factors and Identifying Solutions

Need help deciding which solution will best meet the needs of your campus or IT organization? The Optimization Tool summarized in this guide uses a matrix of core values (affordability, appropriateness, and effectiveness), complimentary factors, and determining questions to help you:

  • Weight factors to identify top priorities
  • Rate potential solutions by how well they meet the priorities