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Sep 29th, 2014
8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Meeting Room W309A/B
Eastern Time

In today's increasingly complex and networked world, no IT organization can be an island if it is going to be successful in advancing technology initiatives. Certainly collaboration across divisions within an institution is important, but what role can collaboration across institutions play in helping IT promote technology adoption and change locally? We believe it can play a big role, especially for small colleges. This workshop will focus on why institutions should-and how they can-build multi-institutional consortiums, enabling them to create and leverage scale to advance technology initiatives on their own campus, particularly in the important area of technology-enabled teaching and learning. Both seminar leaders are CIOs from small colleges who have experience founding and growing different consortia.

OUTCOMES: Identify why, how, and where building a consortium might create opportunities to advance technology initiatives at their institution *Understand the necessary foundational elements for a successful consortium, in order to assess their own institutional readiness *Leave with a resource kit to help establish, run, and identify funding opportunities for a new consortium