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A badge is a visual representation of an accomplishment, achievement or skill acquisition—more granular than a formal degree, but helps to make incremental learning more visible.

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Earning and Displaying Badges

Individuals who meet specific badge criteria receive an e-mail from EDUCAUSE via Credly. The badge is issued to the e-mail address associated with your EDUCAUSE profile. 

Retrieving Your Badge
If you miss or misplace the badge issue e-mail, login to Credly to find your badge. If you have a Credly account, your badge is waiting for you to accept. If you do not have a Credly account, you will be prompted to set one up. (It's free.) In setting up your account, use the same e-mail account associated with your EDUCAUSE profile or associate that e-mail account with your Credly account. We encourage you to make EDUCAUSE a "Trusted Issuer" to expedite badge acceptance in the future.

Display and Share Your Badges 

Take full advantage of your digital badges by publicly displaying them! You can easily share badges on social media sites, such as LinkedIn. You may send EDUCAUSE badges to your LinkedIn profile and share it in your news feed. Visit your My Credit area in Credly to find these options. You may repost badges already shared and set up Auto Sharing to automatically share future badges. 

Have you posted badges to your blog and included them on your digital portfolio? These are valuable platforms for displaying evidence of your accomplishments. Carefully consider which badges signal professional growth and engagement as you prepare for your next performance review or job interview. Curate your digital badge portfoilo to help tell your story.

Associating Another Email Address 
To associate more of your e-mail addresses with your badge management account, visit your Credly "Account Settings" by clicking on the user menu at the top right corner of the Credly site. This is also important for an email alias.

  • Click the pencil next to "Email" and click "Add Email".
  • Enter in your additional email address and click "Save Email".  
  • Then check that e-mail account inbox for a message from Credly.
  • Once you confirm your e-mail address, any badges issued to that address will show up in your My Credit area (see also Credly support).


It’s easy to link your Credly account with your EDUCAUSE profile. Once you have set up a Credly badge account, follow the instructions below to link the two profiles.

To link your profiles:

  1. Visit members.educause.edu.
  2. Click the “Login” link.
  3. Once you are logged in, click the “Update Your Profile” link.
  4. On the My Profile page, click the “Edit Social Links” button.
  5. Add your Credly URL to the Credly box on the My Social Links page.
  6. Click “Update Social Information”.
  7. Your update information has been saved.
  8. You will then see a Credly icon on your public profile page starting the following day.


Changed your e-mail login with Credly? No problem. Just update your EDUCAUSE profile with the new e-mail so your badges always display.


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