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Section 108 Copyright Study Group's Report Recently Released

The Section 108 Copyright Study Group (, which was assembled to study and look for potential changes to copyright law, released its report on March 31. Established under the watch of the Library of Congress, this group of independent experts was charged with finding areas in copyright law that might need changes in order to better balance the positions of rights holders and "cultural memory organizations such as libraries and archives in the digital world."

The group has worked on this issue for nearly three years. Among their recommendations, they conclude:

  • Museums should be included for Section 108 eligibility, since they perform many of the same functions as libraries and archives.
  • A new exception should be added to Section 108 to permit certain qualified libraries and archives to make preservation copies of at-risk published works prior to damage or loss.
  • Libraries and archives should be permitted to make a limited number of copies to create and maintain a single replacement or preservation copy. This would allow libraries to more securely preserve digital materials.

For more information, please see their full report at:

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