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Gearing Up for the Analytics Sprint

Probably the only person who hasn’t heard people whispering or shouting about analytics is the guy who fell into a vat of liquid nitrogen in 1847 and was just thawed back into sentience. He’s too busy coming to grips with cars and reality television. For the rest of us, analytics has quickly become a hot—if murky—topic of discussion and speculation. Institutions are talking analytics, vendors are talking analytics, and EDUCAUSE is talking analytics, including a recent piece by Diana Oblinger.

Analytics is a many-splendored thing. Depending whom you ask, analytics is...

  • Going to fundamentally alter higher education
  • Threatening
  • An enormous opportunity
  • Conventional activity, but with a new name
  • A whole new ball game

And the list goes on. What’s clear is that whatever analytics is or has the potential to be, it’s up to the higher education community and to each institution to wade through the hype and see what’s really there.

Analytics is a big topic, covering programs of varying scale with distinct goals. To begin to unravel the topic and make sense of it, EDUCAUSE will hold an Analytics Sprint, July 24–26. Each of the three days of the event will address a separate aspect of analytics:

  • Tuesday, July 24: What Does Analytics Mean for Higher Education?
  • Wednesday, July 25: Analytics for Teaching, Learning, and Student Success
  • Thursday, July 26: Analytics for Enterprise Efficiency and Effectiveness

There are many ways to participate, including daily webinars and various social networking channels. Join us next week for provocative and informative discussions, and help higher education chart its course with analytics. See you then!