Hawkins Leadership Roundtable

Executive IT leaders, new or aspiring CIOs, and others looking to refine their executive leadership skills will benefit from the high-level questions and intensive networking at the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive IT leaders
  • New or aspiring CIOs
  • Others looking to refine their executive leadership skills

What Is the Program?

Designed as several hours of meetings over three days at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable focuses on high level questions so participants can discuss important leadership issues and engage in intensive networking with colleagues and experienced IT leaders. Participants will meet, share with, and learn from a cohort of peers at similar stages in their careers and a council of experienced CIOs and senior leaders in the community during small group discussions and one-to-one networking opportunities. Registration is limited to 50 participants.

The Hawkins Leadership Roundtable program was created in honor of Brian L. Hawkins, former EDUCAUSE president and CEO, and his legacy of leadership development, mentoring in the profession, and commitment to lifelong learning.