How-To and Resources

The EDUCAUSE Mentoring Program provides several opportunities of connection for your professional growth and development. To help you navigate the mentoring platform, we've created a series of resources to jumpstart your mentoring experience.

Join the Mentoring Program 

Visit to set-up your profile and join the mentoring program. This video will walk you through the mentoring system page.

Join Now

Setting Up Your Mentoring Profile

Your mentoring profile is the most important part of your mentoring engagement.  To help you get started, this video will walk you through the profile information and what to expect.

Find Your Mentor Match

Once you've completed the profile, you have the option to match with any number of mentors that align with your learning needs. This video shares more information about the matching process and your options for selecting a mentor.

Request Just-in-Time Mentoring

As an alternative to 1:1 Mentoring, Just-in-Time mentoring provides you with an opportunity to connect with a mentor as needed. You have the option to request a meeting with any mentor in the system on a one time basis. This video will share with you how to engage for this flash mentoring opportunity.

Join the Circles Mentoring Program

The EDUCAUSE Mentoring Circles provide you with an opportunity to connect with your peers around a topic of interest. This video will walk you through the process of setting up your profile and engaging in a mentoring circle.

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