eTexts Community Group

The eTexts Community Group discusses the rapidly evolving domain of digital textbooks, multimedia supplements, tutorial websites, e-reader/annotation software, and related materials—that we may collectively refer to as "eTexts" for short. It is a place for community sharing of ideas, analyses, experiences, and practical outcomes of using eTexts. The primary focus is eText acquisition, delivery, business models, and support strategies that help further the interests of higher education through cost savings for students, selection of eText reader/annotation software, devices, and institutional policies. This group complements existing Teaching and Learning constituent groups that discuss EVIDENCE OF IMPACT and OPENNESS. Specific topics may include:

  • The role, if any, that institutions and consortia can/should play in licensing eTexts.
  • The economics of eTexts for students, faculty, libraries, IT organizations, and others.
  • The relationship between adoption of eTexts and the proliferation of affordable tablets, e-readers, and other mobile devices.
  • Pros and cons of emerging e-reader/annotation software platforms.
  • Best practices for negotiating with content and platform providers.
  • Integration of e-reader software platforms with learning management systems.
  • Authoring tools, distribution platforms, and business models for educational materials.
  • Ways in which faculty, students, and administration can contribute to the development of an institutional eText strategy.

This listserv will be live throughout the year and may dovetail with one or more sessions held at EDUCAUSE conferences.

Group Leaders