Evidence of Impact Community Group

As the pace of technology change continues unabated, institutions are faced with numerous decisions and choices with respect to support for teaching and learning. With many options and constrained budgets, faculty and administrators must make careful decisions about what practices to adopt and about where to invest resources. The information available about the impact of these innovations is often scarce, uneven, or both. What evidence do we have that these changes and innovations are having the impact we hope for? What are the current effective practices that would enable us to collect that evidence? What new methods for collecting evidence of impact might need to be developed? This community group provides a forum for information and idea exchange for all issues related to evidence-based practice in teaching and learning. This group meets at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and uses the electronic discussion list to discuss issues throughout the year.

Group Leaders

Patsy Moskal

University of Central Florida
Committee Member: 2013-2024