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Within IT, we use Motorola DTR650 Digital radios: (Does not require an antenna)

-          We went with this model because we needed something just for IT and did not want to interfere with the public safety system.


Public Safety and Facilities uses a higher quality radio: (Requires a central antenna and repeater)

-          You will probably want to bring in some type of vendor to assist. We used a local vendor that allowed us to test the different models on our campus.

-          We also have emergency call boxes on campus that will connect right to the Public Safety radios.

-          We are on 75 acres of land and we are right in the flight path of an airport, so we have some complications with radio frequency.



Juan Torres

Manager, Computer Helpdesk

Ohio Dominican University

Phone: 614-253-3615




We are also a small campus with approximately 500 undergrad students and we can walk to all buildings in under 5 minutes.


Our public safety officers use cell phones from Sprint/Nextel as walkie talkies.


Our buildings and grounds and facilities staff use digital Motorola walkie talkies.


Both work well around campus and in buildings.


Anita L. Brown

ITS Operations Manager

St. John's College

P.O. Box 2800

Annapolis, MD 21404-2800



Annapolis Help Desk email:

Annapolis Help Desk phone:   410-626-2892