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When elephants dance, do the ants dig the vibe?

I trust that many of us are looking forward to seeing each other at the EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting in Philly.  The program committee and staff have prepared  what looks to be an excellent program.  We'll be continuing August's rich "Our Chessboard" conversation as one of the new Open Space conversational gatherings at the Annual Meeting on Wed.

Recent announcements of Internet2's Net+ services with Box and HP/SHI, the Pearson/Google announcement this week, new devices and models for eTexts, new mergers/acquisitions, and many ongoing developments should enrich our conversation there.  The network is rapidly creating new opportunities for various paths to aggregated services, and this Annual Meeting is timely for our collective assessment of these trends and their meaning.

The original Chessboard discussion is in the CIO Constituent group archive



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