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Good afternoon colleagues, We have recently started a concentrated winter term at UH-Downtown with all online classes. We are still closing the university during the winter holiday which means we are basically supporting everything online during what has traditionally been the winter break holidays. To handle support, we are scheduling a number of "tier 1" and Tier 2 helpdesk staff to cover phones and online support, mostly from home, with a whole group of tier 3 and Sys Admin support on what we call "urgent_on_call" which means we expect them to get online within a couple of hours of being called. This of course means that a number of our staff will not be able to take advantage of part or all of the Winter holidays; and what's more, we don't seem to have a reasonable way of compensating for the time aside from the standard holiday pay policy which seems less than adequate for this purpose. All other offices are shutdown during the holidays so this an IT staffing and compensation issue only. I am looking for any successful model that is being used to compensate this sort of support in affair manner without breaking the bank. Hossein Shahrokhi AVP, Information technology University of Houston-Downtown ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at