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Hello everyone – I’m looking for a database driven content management system and my team has been doing some research but can’t find anything that currently comes close to our needs…  The following is a basic overview of what we’re looking for.  If you know of any software that comes close to these specs I would really appreciate your feedback.  Thanks in advance for the help.  Ed.



Rio Salado is looking for a learning content management system (LCMS) to improve the online content development process, store reusable content, provide more tools to assess learning, and facilitate customized learning and presentation options. 


The LCMS will be become an integrated component within Rio Salado’s Course Development and Delivery System.  It is our desire that content/course developers will work through a lesson building interface to pull in existing content objects from the LCMS as well as add new ones.  Once the course has been reviewed and approved, the content will be retrieved from the LCMS and displayed to the student by our LMS.


It is the goal that this system will increase student learning by providing tools to report on alignment of course competencies, lesson objectives, assessments, and instruction.  Another goal is to reduce the time and effort required by content developers to develop an online course.  Functionality should also facilitate robust usage analysis.


The following is a high-level list of requirements of this system.  The list items are rated as either Required Functionality or Desired Functionality

Required Functionality

1)      Allow for the addition, storage, editing and retrieval of different types of content objects (e.g. text, HTML, images, video, audio, assessments, RSS feeds, etc)

2)      Allow for creation of modules (collections of several content objects extracted from the database)

3)      Allow for operational workflows to be created that will facilitate notification, approval and editing processes

4)      Allow for custom metadata schema related to each content object

5)      Allow new versions of content objects to be created while maintaining the current version in production

6)      Allow internal/development notes to be attached to content objects

7)      Allow tiered permission levels (e.g. access, editing, development phases, etc)

8)      Provide methods for searching for content objects by multiple methods (e.g. keyword, metadata, usages, type, text search, etc)

9)      Provide programmatic access to the content objects stored in the database (e.g. APIs)

10)   Provide tools and reports for analysis

11)   Provide options for other institutions to download or harvest open content (e.g. O.E.R.)

12)   Must be Section 508 compliant (accessibility)

13)   System should work on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and WebKit-based browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

Desired Functionality

1)      Allow for the creation of multiple custom permission roles

2)      Automatic harvesting of content from other sources

3)      Provide a preview mode option



Edward Kelty, M.Ed.

Vice President/CIO Information Services

Rio Salado College

480-517-8630(v) / 480-226-9192(c) / 480-517-8649(f)




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