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Hello, we are looking for feedback on the following questions:


Do you use an online Scholarship application at your institution?


If so…

1)      What application and/or solution do you use?

2)      How long have you used it? 

3)      Is the information on the application integrated with Banner?  (Note:  Lansing Community College is a Banner school.)

4)      Can applicants attach files / documents?

5)      How do you report off of this information, i.e. using standard reports from within the application and/or did you write custom reports via a reporting tool such as Cognos or Argos?

6)      Did you have to customize this application in any way to meet your institution’s requirements?

7)      What do you like best about this application?     Least?

8)      If appropriate, would you be willing to discuss this topic in greater depth via a conference call?

Thank you so much for any help you can provide on answering these questions!


Randall S. Jobski, PMP

Director - Enterprise Systems

Lansing Community College

ITIL v3 Foundational Certified

517-483-1760 (w)

517-582-5003 (c)


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