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I believe there was just a thread on this not too long ago, but I'd like some feedback on it.   Years ago our Web Development Office reported to Public Affairs.  That wasn't overly successful.  When I arrived 8 years ago, Web Development was moved to IT.  Without too much guidance from PA, ITS was always embroiled in the design challenges/discussions, etc.  Not good!! Now we have a new  PA Director/Office and they're doing great partnering with IT.  They design public sites/themes, we build the sites and manage our new CMS/Web Infrastructure, etc.   ITS also works closely with other customers to help build stand-a-lone we services, support web access to ERPs, etc.   It's been a very collaborative relationship for about 8-10 months. 
Now there's renewed discussion that the Web Office should report to PA because "Web is Marketing, and Marketing is in PA".  How is this being handled where you're at?   My view is "PA uses email too, but I don't think email should be managed/supported by them!"

Thanks for your feedback.
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Parker University has used a very successful model for the last 4 years. Our web services are split into the primary skills sets: Technology, Graphic Content, and Textual Content. 
  • Maintenance of the web server, CMS, templates and custom web pages, XML/XSLT and other programmer type technical activities is handled by the IT Department personnel, specifically by title "Development Manager / Systems Administrator"; and consumes approximately 35% of his time. 
  • Graphic content including stills and, Flash, and UX are handled by a Web Designer who works closely with our print graphics designers as a member of the Marketing Department. Web designers being familiar with HTML also handle some less technical activities involving the CMS, templates and custom web pages, with minor emphasis on XML/XLST or other programmer activities other than Flash Action-script which on occasion has required close collaboration between the web developer and web designer.
    • A specialized Audio / Visual department exists which provides film services on a prioritized request basis to many departments, it provides the majority of relevant current content to the web designer in a non-web optimized format
  • Textual content is overseen in an hierarchical fashion by the Marketing Department E-Marketing Manager, and designated CMS users across the campus with every department providing at least one CMS content manager who has ownership of their departmental content.
    • Social Media publication and newsletter publication has been funneled to a single employee also in the Marketing Department.