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I have been asked to chair a workgroup for our campus to develop a policy for electronic signatures for “internal” approval forms documents.  We realize that we will have to customize for the laws of our state as well as other regulatory compliance.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m trying to gather some insights from other institutions. 


Does anyone have an e-signature process or policy that they would share?



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I completed a guideline over a year ago, and the college recently decided to review the possibilities of making it into an official policy.  The challenge with electronic signatures is that specific forms may have federal, state, or other official statutes that may have differing requirements regarding signatures in general.  Therefore, as a policy it has to have a balance of specific requirements while addressing the potential for other regulatory compliance requirements. 


I have attached our original guideline that we are re-evaluating in terms of policy.  I would welcome your feedback as you evaluate others and any others to share their thoughts.  I would also request to be copied on any others who are willing to share a copy of their process and/or policy.


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