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Good morning,
We would also be interested in the IS Staffing as well as network staffing. We are looking at a reorganization of our network group and our network security staffing and any help as to guidelines or how many staff you have vs. the number of students, networking coaction, wireless access points would be greatly appreciated.
If you do not wish to post this to the list, please feel free to forward this information directly to me if you are able to.
Jim Miller
Lead Network Engineer
The University of Akron
(330) 972-7958
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Have you looked at the Educause CORE data annual survey? That should provide you with a great start.

Wole Akpose, CISSP, CGEIT, D.Eng., Lean Six Sigma
Morgan State University
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251
office. 443.885.3372 / 443.885.4431
f. 443.885.8211