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I have hopefully a few quick questions…


We are looking at implementing OD in our environment to get a handle on the large number of Mac computers we have on campus.  Currently we push a lot of stuff using ARD and a task server.  We hope that implementing OD will allow us to manage our Mac computers better and give us a better handle on them.  We were given the MacEnterprise list from PSU as a resource awhile back, but wanted to ping you guys…


1)       Do you use OD in your environment?  If so, How?   Do you use it for pushing policies, getting inventory, Deploy Studio integration, Etc.?

2)      If you do use it, how is it working for you?   What would you do differently if you were doing it from scratch and could change anything?

3)      If you are NOT using OD, how are you managing you Mac computer and getting accurate inventories from them?


Thank you!



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We do leverage Mac OS X Server (v10.6.8) on Xserve hardware with OD in our iMac student lab environment. We have a few OD user accounts setup that serve as the logins for whatever group of students are using the space for a particular class, as well as, a generic “student” account to use for public consumption. Utilizing the managed preferences through OS X Server to apply towards those different OD accounts has been super easy and extremely valuable in managing and tweaking the various user profiles as needed and on the fly.


Also on the management side, we use a combination of Apple Remote Desktop and Meraki Systems Manager to push out various items as needed, get precise inventory data, and control each Mac, plus DeployStudio to re-image our machines. It’s fully automated and automatically re-images both the Windows and Mac partitions (we have our iMacs in dual boot mode) when needed, which is rare!


All in all, our setup has been extremely rock solid and I’m not sure I would change anything at this point. Don’t fix what isn’t broke! J



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These comments are from our Mac Specialist, Kyle Brockman.  

At UW-Milwauke in University Information Technology Services we use a number of tools. We have currently moved away from using the OD, and have been using AD for Auth.  For management we have moved to Apple's Profile manager, which is included in 10.7 and 10.8 server.  This has allowed us to manager OS X and iOS from the same console. 

We use deploy studio to deploy our module images.  On the lab and kiosk machines we use a deployment tool called star deploy ( it is a really simple really easy to use tool.  Stardeploy's settings are manageable from profile manager.  We do use ARD from time to time but have not found it to be as reliable as we would like it to be. 


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