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Hello, I am currently investigating methods to implement full-disk encryption on Macintosh clients and was wondering if some anyone on this listserv might be willing to share information about their implementations and experiences. I'm currently looking at using the built-in FileVault 2 and was going to use to create the necessary keychain object, but when I checked the certificate created using this method, it showed that the certificate would no longer be valid after a year. Does anyone know if this is an issue? Has anyone used this method for longer than a year and can confirm that it continues to function as desired past the certificate's valid until date? Thank you, Branden Ohlinger Albright College IT Services Email: Phone: 610-921-7223 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


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Please reply to a quick question.

How many of you have or are working toward a single signon system?  By this I mean that you are trying to reduce the number of userids and passwords for your users to access the systems they need to do their jobs?

If you will respond to this directly to me at, then I will post a summary of the responses to this list.

J. C. "Chuck" Ruch
Associate Provost for IRT/CIO
Bradley University
Office (309) 677-3100
Cell (309) 370-7104, Fax - (309) 677-3092

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Completed back in 2006.  Using Oracle Identity Management Suite.  Happy to provide details off-line if needed.


Cindy Bixler
University Chief Information Officer 

Phone 386.226.7959


Hello Chuck

Cincinnati State has an SSO solution.  Details:



·        Blackboard


SSO Type:

·        Custom built solution using Microsoft .NET


SSO Recipients:

·        Ellucian’s WebAdvisor

·        Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access

·        Atomic Learning

·        Dozens of Microsoft custom built solutions








Frankie Baker

3520 Central Parkway

Chief Technology Officer

Cincinnati, Ohio 45223-2690

Information Technology Services

513-569-1453 tel


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Here at UW-Whitewater we deployed Novell Identity Management in 2008.


Elena Pokot



Good Morning Small Colleges – I have a question for all you small college libraries with behemoth online journal database bills.


Are you getting tired of paying for the same journal over and over?   I was reflecting last night and wondered is it really necessary for our students


I mean who really needs access to 112,000 journals anyway?


So my vent and question is… who among you has gone to a pay per view method of operation or have any of your libraries migrated to an

environment where you work with faculty to provide only the individual subscriptions that are necessary for their department.


Seriously I am getting very weary of shelling out $150,000 + over and over year after year.


I would really appreciate some insight into what other small college libraries are doing.



Darci R. Jones

Director of Libraries

Mercyhurst University
501. E 38th Street
Erie, PA 16546


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D.R. (Darci) Jones

Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D. in Higher Education Organizational Leadership

Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies

Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania

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