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Are there any other Symantec Endpoint Protection users out there?  How are you dealing with Symantec's lack of an updated SEP client for Mt. Lion?  A Symantec Employee told me on the forums that they are months away from releasing a supported client for Mt Lion and could only say that it would be "sometime this fall."  Meanwhile, I checked up on McAfee and Sophos – they're both up to speed with the new OS and have compatible clients available in their Enterprise A/V product suites.  We really like Symantec, but these long delays are a bit unreasonable.  In an educational setting, we need to support what students bring to college with them – how can we do that when we're always waiting for Symantec to catch up?

Brady Gallese

Brady Gallese ‘07
Technical Services Helpdesk Engineer
Office of Information Technology
Susquehanna University
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We were having some of the same issues with SEP when we had in for our campus. We are moving into our third year now that we’ve been using Sophos and have had much better luck with the product. We almost instantly saw a decrease of virus related support tickets by close to 50% after we switched. They seem to be much more on top of updates and new definitions.



Justin Benson

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Thanks Justin,

I've heard good things about Sophos – we're actually looking at evaluating it.  It's interesting to hear what your results have been.  Was the rollout (both the removal of Symantec, install of Sophos) to all of your clients a huge undertaking?  Any other notable pros or cons?


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We’re running 12.1 and thus far (at least on my Mac), SEP is running, updating and scanning.  Including auto-protect working.


Uninstalling and reinstalling also worked with no errors.


Next step is to push out commands from the console to scan and update.  Pending completion of the full scan.


We are also looking into Sophos as Symantec has been late to the game with updates when new OS’s are released.


Until 12.2 is released, we can’t officially call Symantec for support but it seems to at least work on the client level.




Thanks Jack,

It's a relief to hear that it works, even if it's not supported.  I'm waiting for my redemption code from Apple to download Mt Lion and try it out myself.  Hopefully I'm not waiting too long.  I'd like to hear how you make out with your Sophos evaluation.


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Not a problem.


We have a call tomorrow with the rep.  Sophos has been trying to get their foot in the door on the desktop side with us. We have their apps on our servers.




Francine Cohen
Director, Support Services
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Suffolk University
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Not a problem.


We have a call tomorrow with the rep.  Sophos has been trying to get their foot in the door on the desktop side with us. We have their apps on our servers.