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We currently have two major projects going, a migration of email and calendar to Google Apps, and a SAN upgrade. 
We are wondering how moving to Google will impact our storage needs.  Is anyone using Google Drive as primary storage for Fac\Staff users?  Once on Google do you continue to provide space for students locally?
John Kaftan
IT Infrastructure Manager
Utica College

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We made the move to Google Apps for students 2 years ago.  This semester we switched from providing storage for each user to doing away with it completely, and suggesting they use either their Google Drive or a USB drive.  There was some grumbling initially, even with 6 months advance notice, but we would definitely make the move again.  With the amount of storage available via either option, especially for the price (free or practically free, respectively), it was an easy decision.


We still provide server storage for Fac/Staff for all of their documents, and plan to continue to do so in the future as well.  Due to the nature of what many of our employees require, it would be impractical for us to switch them over as well. 



Patrick Mauretti

Network Manager

Massasoit Community College

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