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Hi All, Looking for some feedback and survey volunteers! I'm hopping to get some feedback from people who use ISC Bind and DHCPD in Active Directory environments. Currently we use Bind/DHCPD for dynamic DNS and DHCP. It's been a pretty stable service, redundant and we are polling statistics with Cacti. There is concern by Management of using a somewhat non standard approach for Active Directory SRV records being handled by ISC services and not AD. The options we are looking at is migrating to AD for DNS and DHCP services or to have Bind/DHCPD handle SRV records for AD. Some technical info on our our BIND environment. Some Client Identifiers 300 DHCP Pools Dynamic DNS from hostname with generic script for student anonymity. Cacti Graphs - Reporting on DNS and Pool Status Syslog via Splunk Overall it's been a very stable design for the last 5+ years. If you have any relevant feed back I would greatly appreciate it! I'm looking for information on experience with Active Directory integration with ISC or if anyone has had problems/stability issues with AD doing DNS/DHCP or AD working with ISC. Here's a brief survey for Schools that have ISC running in an AD environment. - Aaron Thompson Network Architect for IT Operations Berklee College of Music 1140 Boylston Street, MS-186-NETT Boston, MA 02215-3693 617.747.8656 Twitter: @thomp318 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at