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Hi -
Is anyone using an open source or vendor system to do training, compliance, and/or certifications? We have a homegrown solution that we need to replace soon by either rewriting or purchasing and I'm trying to get a feel for the market.
Essentially we need to do authentication via CAS or LDAP, provide some static HTML content for someone to step through, then a quiz  to grade. After successful completion of the module, a printable certificate may be presented and a report could be run on the backend breaking down the users by department and school. Ideally we could identify all the modules a certain person based on an LDAP attribute or role would be required to take and manage all their certifications from a single place.
Our LMS doesn't seem like a good fit to me, though I'd be curious to know about ways you've bent your LMS to fit these needs if you have.
Jameson Watkins
Director, Internet Development
University of Kansas Medical Center
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