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Dear Educause Member,

As part of my Master’s Degree research at Rochester Institute of Technology, a knowledge sharing wiki was implemented at Educause, where IT professionals in Higher Education could share best practices (  The wiki was open for contributions from different constituencies in higher education between January and March 2012.  To date, participation and interest in the wiki has been very low.  As part of the growing body of knowledge in collaborative computing, we are interested to know “why?” 

Your answers to this eight question survey are instrumental to understanding the barriers and enablers to wiki participation.  The survey will take no more than five minutes to complete.  Please be assured all responses are anonymous, you will not be personally identified, and all findings will be reported in the aggregate. Your participation is voluntary and, at your discretion, you can terminate the survey prior to completion.   

Follow this link to the Survey:
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Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

The survey will be open to responses until Friday, August 10, 2012.  Please distribute it to your colleagues if you are able to do so.

A sincere thank you in advance, for your time and consideration!

Joe Karam
Graduate Student, Rochester Institute of Technology
Senior Manager, Collaboration Services Group, Princeton University




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Joe, can one subscribe to the wiki?  I would be more likely to review and participate if I were notified of postings. 


Sande Johnson-Byers

Asst. VP for Information Technology

University of Louisville

Office:  502.852.4314

Cell:  502.417.6085