Cloud services are transforming how higher education stores, accesses, and uses data. As a result, the role of IT is undergoing a significant change as it needs to adjust in order to provide and manage these resources. Projects in this space include the following.


Cloud Readiness: Preparing for Takeoff (Slides)
Slides from the 2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference session, Cloud Readiness: Preparing for Takeoff, which shared guidance to help institutions prepare to create cloud-ready services, including developing effective IT governance, transforming the IT organization, and migrating from traditional services to the cloud.

Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool
This tool from the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) provides a matrix of higher education information security and data protection questions and issues regarding cloud services.

Preparing Your IT Organization for the Cloud Series

The ECAR-CLOUD working group formed to develop a roadmap to institutions seeking to develop and implement their public cloud strategies. The resulting seven papers include an overview of the major issues involved in public cloud computing as well as pointers to additional resources providing in-depth information on each topic:

  1. An Introduction (published May 2015)
  2. Developing Cloud-Aware Governance (published June 2015)
  3. Transforming the IT Organization (published September 2015)
  4. Building a Migration Plan (published January 2016)
  5. Operationalizing the Cloud (published May 2016)
  6. Cloud Awareness and User Support (published August 2016)
  7. Cloud on the Horizon (published November 2016)

Cloud-based IT services are becoming a norm for higher education, providing researchers, faculty, students, and administrators alike with the tools that they need in order to do their work. But there are many challenges to cloud adoption, including transitioning the traditional IT department and IT workforce to select, adopt, and support cloud services. See the detailed ECAR-CLOUD project proposal for more information.


Cloud Webinars


  • An Introduction
  • Developing Cloud-Aware Governance
  • Transforming the IT Organization
  • Building a Migration Plan
  • Operationalizing the Cloud
  • Cloud Awareness and User Support
  • Cloud on the Horizon

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