ECAR Working Groups: Cyberinfrastructure

ECAR Working Groups: Cyberinfrastructure

Cyberinfrastructure is a rapidly growing and expanding component of information technology focused on distributed computing, data, and communications technology. Hardware and software systems are rapidly being developed and implemented to build the virtual research communities along with the collaborative tools to knit these user communities together. Along with these rapid advances, a well educated and trained workforce needs to be in place to support these activities. This overall process is changing whole disciplines, educational initiatives, and research methodologies. Cyberinfrastructure encompasses a broad array of topics, including:

  • Supercomputing 
  • Data centers, including power efficiency 
  • Research data management 
  • High-capacity, mass-storage systems 
  • Scalable interactive visualization 
  • State-of-the-art high-performance networks 
  • Education and workforce development 
  • Grids and middleware

Below are current projects being pursued in this space.

Coming Soon: Data Curation

This working group aims to answer the question: What is the state of data curation today ... and where do we see it going? The group will identify:

  • Current state of curation practices, including the role of specific disciplinary practices
  • Staff skill sets and roles, including where the people who support curation efforts on campus can be found and how they work
  • Budget implications
  • Recommendations

More information, including a call for participation, will be coming soon. Contact with any questions.

Research Data Sharing

ECAR Research Data Sharing (ECAR-RDS) Working Group
An ECAR Campus Cyberinfrastructure (ECAR-CCI) Project
Project Co-chairs:

This project began March 2015 as a subgroup of the ECAR Campus Cyberinfrastructure Working Group. ECAR-RDS will look into what we need to build into systems—physical and social—to ensure well-curated data that can be shared the way we want to share it. Questions? Contact us at or visit ECAR Working Groups Governance.

Project Description

The activity of doing research in the 21st century has been and will continue to be increasingly data-intensive, collaborative—making geographic locations more incidental—and technology-enabled through leveraging systems like networks and the cloud. Although discipline-specific repositories exist, overall there has been difficulty sharing data and, as the data become larger and the scientific problems we take on become more complicated, there will be even greater need for collaboration and sharing. This paper will focus on the middle, murky ground of data sharing to look into what we need to build into systems—physical and social—to ensure well-curated data that can be shared the way we want to share it.

Expected Completion: August 2016

See the detailed project proposal for more information.

ECAR Campus Cyberinfrastructure Working Group (ECAR-CCI)

ECAR-CCI Co-chairs:


The ECAR Campus Cyberinfrastructure (ECAR-CCI) Working Group helps educational institutions develop institutional strategies, plan resource deployment, and help users harness and optimize the power and capabilities of these new integrated IT tools and systems for educational and research applications in higher education. The group will emphasize how the various elements of campus cyberinfrastructure combine, in a holistic way, to support the mission of our universities. The working group welcomes input, ideas, and project participation from the higher education community. Contact us at

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