Updating the IT Accessibility Risk Statements and Evidence Document

Project Description

In 2015 the EDUCAUSE IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance program developed the IT Risk Register in order to “help institutional IT departments get their strategic IT risk-management programs off the ground. The IT Risk Register is a sortable checklist that identifies common strategic IT risks and catalogues those risks according to common risk types and IT domains.” As part of that effort, the IT Accessibility Constituent Group developed a document -- IT Accessibility Risk Statements and Evidence -- to “help identify accessibility risks that IT leaders should consider in their risk management process.”

This working group will review the IT Accessibility Risk Statements and Evidence document to determine and make necessary updates as well as to add links to additional resources.


This document is meant to inform institutional general counsel and risk management; accessibility/disability implementation and services staff; compliance officers; procurement staff; and others. It is also used by institutional leadership to mitigate risks and inform decisions in areas such as purchasing, staffing, and training.


Product: Updated version of the IT Accessibility Risk Statements and Evidence paper.


  • February 2017: Finalize proposal; confirm working group chairs/members
  • March 2017: Working Group kick-off call; homework
  • April 2017: Initial document review
  • May 2017: First edits complete; share with reviewers
  • June 2017: Second draft complete; hand off to editor
  • July 2017: Edits based on feedback; final draft complete
  • August 2017: Publish (made publicly available)

Project Information

This project is just getting started. Group members are being invited; a first call is planned for March 2017. 

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