The student and faculty data you need to start conversations with peers, institutional leaders, and faculty about achieving common educational tech goals.

EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community (ETRAC) is based on data from the annual student and semiannual faculty surveys which are administered locally by colleges and universities throughout the United States. ECAR analyzes the data and publishes resources on technology ownership, use patterns, and expectations. The research helps you frame and answer key questions about what your students and faculty need and hope for from technology, which supports your institution’s development of strategic objectives for educational technology. 

Why Participate

Participating in the student and faculty surveys helps you to improve IT services, to prioritize strategic contributions of IT to higher education, and to become more technologically competitive among peer or aspirant institutions. 

Start Strategic Conversations with Data

Lethbridge College in Alberta, Canada, used ETRAC data to start conversations about ways the institution can better support academic success. Their findings provided “just enough” interpretation to enable instructors, academic administrators, and others involved in supporting teaching and learning to initiate strategic discussions and take action. Learn more >

What You Receive

  • Resources to help you prepare for and administer the surveys;
  • The annual research report (see 2016);
  • Access to online tools to explore and benchmark your institution's aggregate-level data; and
  • Your student and faculty survey data for further analyses.

Where You Work

When you participate in the student and faculty surveys, you’ll work within the ETRAC Portal from sign-up to administration and monitoring to data review. What you can see and do in the portal is dependent on the role you’ve been assigned. Anyone with an EDUCAUSE profile at a higher education institution can access basic functions, e.g., review resources and check survey status. Other functionality, e.g., managing roles and administering the survey, is restricted to individuals with the Survey Administrator role. Survey Administrators can give others permission  to review and download survey data by assigning them the Reviewer roles. Go to Portal >

ETRAC Portal

Manage the annual surveys — from sign up to administration and monitoring to data review — in the ETRAC Portal.

Questions? Contact ecarstudy@educause.edu.

Go to ETRAC Portal

Survey Resources

Annual Timeline

  • October–January: Sign Up and Plan for Your Survey
  • January 30–April 14: Implement Your Survey
  • July: Data Files Accessible