ELI Online Fall Focus Session

September 15–16, 2015

Noon–3:30 p.m. (ET)

A Look Inside the Online Fall Focus Session

As higher education changes and evolves, so too do the requirements for campus leadership in support of the teaching and learning mission. Older models often had siloed groups providing redundant services. Join us for the ELI Fall Focus Session where we explore the new and emerging models, strategies, and approaches to a collaborative, cross-campus approach to teaching and learning.


Focus Session Features

  • Presentation Sessions: Sessions designed to provide an overview of specific topic areas and successful emerging approaches related to the focus session theme, immediately followed by opportunities to interact one-on-one with session presenters.
  • Project Rounds: A series of institutional cases/examples presented in a sequential, fast-paced format exploring a single project, emerging technology, or campus initiative. Project rounds will be followed by an opportunity for separate discussion with each of the presenters.
  • Activities/Discussions: Discussions will focus on the session theme and associated challenges and opportunities. Groups, both virtual and local, may use this time to further probe session topics through guided discussion and collaborative activities, conducted with an institutional group or individuals in virtual rooms.

Online Learning Space

Presentations are delivered live in an online learning space designed to promote interaction between the presenters and participants and facilitate deep exploration of the content. Participants may pose questions to experts and their colleagues, review institutional examples, and learn about current practices.

Participate as a Team

ELI offers single and additional focus session registrations. Registrants will receive a customizable resource packet to be used as either an individual participant or to host a face-to-face institutional team around the online focus session content.

For more information, please see the resources page.


Advisory Group

ELI focus sessions are informed, planned, and organized by ELI members who are engaged, passionate, and experienced in the selected theme. Thank you to the ELI Online Focus Session 2015 Program Committee.



Event Timing

September 15 & 16

12:00 noon–3:30 p.m. ET


All times are listed in U.S. Eastern time; Visit World Clock Time Zone Converter to determine session times in your time zone.

Orientation Sessions

Attend one of these two participant orientations to prepare for focus session and maximize your experience:

View the technical information page for equipment and software requirements.

Technology Check

To test out the equipment you'll be using during the focus session, join us for this live technology check:

(Credentials are not required for the September 8 orientation—just join us in the ELI Adobe Connect room.)