ELI Online Fall Focus Session

September 15–16, 2015

Noon–3:30 p.m. (ET)

ELI Online Fall Focus Session 2015 Resources

Once you've registered for the focus session, you can use the information below to get the most out of this live, highly interactive, and fast-paced online event—whether you’re attending alone or as an institutional team.

Step 1

Attend an online orientation session AND the technology check. (See the schedule on the right.)

Step 2

Review ALL of the technical requirements. Participants may also join the focus session by using the Adobe Connect mobile app (found on iTunes or Google Play). Note: Some features may be limited. BlackBerry devices are not supported.

NOTE: On September 14, all registered participants will receive an e-mail message with their username/password and a link to the virtual meeting room. Please save these credentials—you’ll need them to join the event.

Step 3

Review the Readiness Checklist to make sure you are set to participate.

Step 4

Review the Activity Workbook to participate in all focus session activities, and consult the companion Focus Session Resource List, which includes websites, research reports, books, articles, and more.


Attending the Focus Session as an Institutional Team?

Attending as a member of a campus team or hosting a team event at your institution in coordination with the focus session program can be tremendously valuable and cost-effective. Team participation can help your institution advance a project or encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Note: All session recordings will be available at the end of each focus session day and can be distributed to nonregistered team members.


Orientation Sessions

Attend one of these two participant orientations to prepare for focus session and maximize your experience:

View the technical information page for equipment and software requirements.

Technology Check

To test out the equipment you'll be using during the focus session, join us for this live technology check:

(No registration is required for the orientations or technology check—just join us in the ELI Adobe Connect room.)

Earn a Digital Badge

Presenter Badge

As a participant you are eligible to earn a digital badge. Your digital badge is a highly visible recognition of your contribution and community engagement. 

Learn more about the digital badge program.


Contact Us

For general information about this event, including registration, please contact EDUCAUSE Member Services:

For more information about the focus session itself, contact Malcolm Brown, ELI Director, or Veronica Diaz, ELI Associate Director.