ELI provides numerous benefits and services that meet the needs for all members of an institutional community—including faculty, senior IT leaders, and technology professionals.

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As a strategic initiative of EDUCAUSE, the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative is dedicated to all aspects of technology in higher education. We are a collaborative community committed to advancing learning through IT innovation. Joining the ELI provides your institution with access to dynamic professional development opportunities, innovative online resources, and valuable interaction with a diverse group of members.

The ELI is currently offering a pro-rated, short-term membership now through June 2017. Beginning in July 2017, ELI and ECAR research will be included with EDUCAUSE membership. Learn more

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Professional Development

Whether it's the ELI Annual Meeting, an online focus session, a webinar, or an online seminar, the ELI offers a rich variety of professional development opportunities.


The ELI provides an expanding array of online resources including white papers, briefs and case studies, podcasts, and much more. ELI resources will support your work and save you time.


The ELI is a group of organizations committed to a common goal—advancing learning through IT innovation. Regardless of their institutional role or discipline, ELI members speak the same language—the language of learning and learning technology.

Coming July 2017: 

The All-in-One EDUCAUSE Membership

ELI and ECAR available with EDUCAUSE Membership

Beginning July 1, ECAR research and ELI teaching and learning resources will be included with EDUCAUSE membership, no longer requiring separate subscriptions.

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The ELI is a community of higher education institutions and organizations committed to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology.

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The ELI Community

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  • Teaching and Learning Center Staff
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