Redesigning Business Processes

Redesign business processes through cross-enterprise partnerships. System migrations present an opportunity to reassess business processes to make them more efficient and more aligned with institutional mission and goals. Successful business process redesign efforts rely on effective cross-enterprise partnerships.

Enterprise IT Case Studies

In this set of EDUCAUSE Review case studies, see how five institutions took advantage of system migrations to design and improve their business processes.

Redesigning Business Processes with Cross-Enterprise Partnerships

Leading Academic Transformation Community A community of practice for senior campus leaders who advance their institution's teaching, learning, and student success mission. Our goal is to build capacity to inspire and lead academic transformation.
Demonstrating Value Through IT Service Management in Higher Education Working group paper describing IT service management as a way to align operations with institutional strategies and goals.
EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service Measures institutional digital capabilities in several areas helpful to understanding data integration, including culture of innovation, information security, student success technologies, and IT service management
EDUCAUSE Core Data Service The Information Systems and Applications module provides information about how core enterprise systems are managed and deployed across higher ed
Cybersecurity Program Help with information security related to system data
IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Program Resources for implementing governance, risk, and compliance activities
EDUCAUSE Library page on Business Process Reengineering EDUCAUSE articles, papers and presentations on business process reengineering issues in higher education IT
EDUCAUSE Library page on Change Management EDUCAUSE resources on business practices and procedures that address the human and cultural aspects of organizational change

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