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Last reviewed: March 2017

Are you a CISO who's new to your institution? Or a veteran CISO who's new to the higher education community? Perhaps you're a CISO or other security professional looking for a peer to touch base with on a regular basis.

The Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) is continuing the mentoring pilot program (launched in 2013) for information security managers & directors, CISOs, and aspiring CISOs. Community members interested in participating can sign up as a mentee (or mentor) or request additional information by sending an email to [email protected]. The HEISC Mentoring and Professional Development team will help EDUCAUSE staff match mentors and mentees as requests are received throughout the year.

Mentoring Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the EDUCAUSE Mentoring Program for Security Professionals

Q1: I'm currently the entire information security department at my institution. If i don't have the title of CISO/ISO, can I still participate in this mentoring opportunity?
A1: Yes, if you're the individual responsible for information security for your organization, this is meant for you. Titles vary widely across higher education!

Q2: For mentors, does the CISO/ISO have to be in higher ed, or would higher ed experience suffice?
A2: Higher education experience with an ISO background would more than suffice. Mentors will be matched with those requesting one based on institutional profile and expertise in areas that the requestor specifies, and varied skillsets and knowledge help! We expect to hand match mentors in many cases, and will put out a call to a list of volunteers for those who might be a good match in others.

Q3: I am a CISO/ISO for a non-higher education organization. Can I still participate in this mentoring program?
A3: Our primary audience is currently CISOs/ISOs working in higher education. Non-higher education ISOs are not included in the program at this time.

Q4: As the mentee, am I responsible for initiating the first meeting once I am matched with a mentor?
A4: Contacting the mentor by email or phone within the first 1-2 weeks of being matched is highly recommended. Once you have touched based, consider meeting every 1-2 months by phone, videoconference, or in person (if that's an option).

Q5: Do I have to be a CIO in order to volunteer as a mentor?
A5: No. We are seeking CIOs or CISOs/ISOs who have experience working in the higher ed environment.

Q6: What opportunities for mentoring exist for non-management level information security staff members?
A6: We will likely expand this program if it succeeds. If you'd like to be involved in such an effort, let us know. Contact: [email protected].

Q7: Where can I find additional resources on professional or career development?
A7: EDUCAUSE offers several online resources including a Professional Learning Concierge page, a Mentoring page, and a Career Development & Advancement page.

Q8: Now that I have signed up for the program, what happens next?
A8: In order to find the best possible match, mentees will be asked to answer a simple 3-question survey by email. Once matched, the mentee will receive a confirmation email with the mentor's contact information, additional resources, and a reminder to coordinate the first meeting within the next 1-2 weeks. Mentors will also receive a confirmation email with the mentee's contact information, as well as recommendations for next steps and resources.

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Still not sure how to get started? Please contact EDUCAUSE staff at [email protected] and we'll try to help!

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