Case Study Submissions

You may submit a case study using the submission form. Instructions are included below. Please note that each submission will be reviewed by the Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) before it is posted in the appropriate topic pages (chapters) of the guide.

Description of Case Studies

Case studies are descriptions of real-world, practical, proven solutions to information security and privacy challenges implemented by one or more institutions. The intent of these case studies is to provide ideas for approaches which may be adopted or adapted to another school's particular situation.

By filling in a relatively simple form, a case study is written up and submitted to the Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC). Once received, it is typically reviewed by the guide's Editorial Board and EDUCAUSE staff. This vetting process gives the institution submitting the case study an opportunity to answer questions or add content that enhances its value.

Submitting a case study not only documents a successful institutional approach to information security or privacy, as well as providing useful guidance to other institutions, it also gives the author(s) the opportunity to publish.

Instructions for submitting a case study using the Submission Form:

  1. Download the submission form
  2. Fill in all of the required fields (Note: All fields are required except Notes and Alternate Email)
  3. Check the box beneath the Intellectual Property Agreement
  4. Print and/or save a copy for yourself (optional)
  5. Submit the completed form via email to [email protected]
  6. The case study submission will be reviewed by the Information Security Guide Editorial Board
  7. If changes are needed, a working group member or EDUCAUSE staff liaison will contact you and provide further instructions
  8. Once approved, the case study will be linked on the appropriate topic pages (chapters) of this guide

Case Study Submission Directory

Below is a complete list of case study submissions that are referenced throughout the site. To contribute examples of practices that have been effective in your institution, please use the submission form.

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