Successful Security Awareness Professional Resource List

The following resources were presented during the 2016 Security Professionals Conference session "The Successful Security Awareness Practitioner" by Ben Woelk (ISO Program Manager, Rochester Institute of Technology) and Pat Falcon (Information Security Policy and Awareness Specialist, Brown University). 

For additional resources, visit our Career and Workforce Development chapter or read the ECAR research bulletin written by Ben Woelk, The Successful Security Awareness Professional: Foundational Skills and Continuing Education Strategies.

Training Resources

Soft Skills

Instructional Design
Interactive Design
Marketing and Public Relations Online Classes
Project Management
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Security Awareness Skills and Education
Understanding Human Behavior
Technical Communication

Technical Skills

SANS Classes
Online Resources for Security Fundamentals

Related Skills

Web Design
Video Production

Other Resources

Community and Resources for eLearning Professionals
Personality Assessments
Organizations and Conferences
Video Tools (Free)


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