Incident-Specific Web Site Template (Section Three)

Template for Breach Notification Web Site

The information below will assist you in developing a breach notification web site. It is good practice to have a pre-built framework (skeleton site) in place that may need only appropriate and pertinent text information inserted into the page(s). This allows the expedient posting of breach information. Breach notification laws vary by state. The State Security Breach Notification Legislation/Laws is a good resource. Be sure you know what is required before there is a need to notify constituents of a breach.

Common Elements

Most-Recent-Update section at top of page
Basic facts (information that appears on the website should be exactly what's included in the notification letters and press releases):
Actions taken by unit/University to ensure more secure future/Ongoing measures
How do I learn if I'm affected?
Link to Identity Theft Web site/credit agencies
Press Releases
Toll-free hotline contact information

Where Site is Hosted/Located

How Long Should Site Be Available

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